SNDO Graduate Michele Rizzo's work Higher xtn. acquired for Stedelijk Museum collection

Michele Rizzo, Higher xtn., 2018, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; photograph: Maarten Nauw

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Michele Rizzo's work Higher xtn. got acquired for the Stedelijk Museum collection. Michele Rizzo graduated at the SNDO - School for New Dance Development in 2011.

Via a press release the Stedelijk Museum announced the acquisition of eight new works into their collection. We congratulate Michele Rizzo on being added to the Stedelijk Museum collection with his work Higher xtn. alongside the works of Yael Bartana, Verena Blok, Kate Cooper, Danielle Dean, Deniz Eroglu, Jort van der Laan and Basir Mahmood. Higher xtn. was commissioned by the Stedelijk in the context of the exhibition Freedom of Movement, a biennial exhibition to display new or recent work of Netherlands based artists.

Higher xtn. was made possible in collaboration with SNDO and ICK. The latest edition was performed by SNDO alumni Charlie Laban Trier, Juan Pablo Cámara, Antonia Steffens alongside SNDO students Milena Weber, Karina Villafan, Júlia Vavra, Mina Tomic, Jessica Matheson, Jelle Haen, Wannes Labath, Neda Rujeva and dancers Arad Inbar and Reza Mirabi. Congratulations to everyone!

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