Call for applications: DAS Theatre 2021-2023

Photo: Thomas Lenden Photography. Performance: Maria Magdalena Kozłowska - She dies for you (DAS Theatre)

Photo: Thomas Lenden Photography. Performance: Maria Magdalena Kozłowska - She dies for you (DAS Theatre)

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DAS Theatre is a full-time, two-year residential Master of Art programme in the form of a creative laboratory for international professionals in the field of theatre. As a postgraduate school, DAS Theatre focuses on knowledge generation rather than knowledge transmission. While reinforcing the connections between arts education, research and production, DAS Theatre’s core values revolve around making space for art, including forms that we do not yet know. The applications for DAS Theatre 2021-2023 are now open.

Application deadline

  • Early-bird* application deadline: October 18, 2020
  • Final deadline: November 12, 2020

*Early-bird applicants can request DAS Theatre for feedback and advice on their application.

Application and Admission Procedure

A Space for Complexity

How can we artists, curators, thinkers and educators engage imaginatively with the philosophical, social and political issues that confront us? How can art formulate hypotheses about our present and future entanglements? By providing conditions for research and work, DAS Theatre supports artists and curators in their attempt to rethink, or even radically reimagine, forms, aesthetics, practices and ethics, thereby widening the understanding of what theatre is, and envisioning the theatre(s) of the future.

Agency and Togetherness

In response to an artistic field ruled by temporality and individuality, DAS Theatre is a place concerned with people, ideas and forms of togetherness. Here, individual trajectories benefit from a community of peers and a broad international network, and the study programme is built on encounters and exchanges with peers, tutors and guests. Participants engage critically with artistic and curatorial practices that may be radically different from their own, which serves the purpose of feeding their work and reinforcing their artistic position. International guests fuel a permeable curriculum, while thematic blocks bring intensive educational programmes around relevant topics for the theatre field. For these encounters to become significant, we invest in modes of reflection and implement continuous forms of mentoring.

Diversity of Practices and Backgrounds

DAS Theatre embraces the wide range of practices covered by the term theatre. The programme pursues an active practice of different aesthetics, tools, dramaturgical approaches and genres. The programme welcomes artists (directors, performance makers, performers, dramaturgs...) and curators who seek to expand their fields.

DAS Theatre cultivates and expects an open attitude from its participants towards the larger circles and environments we are part of. Within DAS Graduate School, we share curriculum elements and co-curate public events across the departments. We also seek to relate to guests, colleagues and peers from the international field, and to collaborate with local and international art institutions, aiming to contribute to the discourse about contemporary performing arts.

DAS Graduate School

Together with DAS Choreography, DAS Creative Producing and DAS Research, DAS Theatre is part of DAS Graduate School. The graduate school brings together master’s, doctorate and research programmes to create an environment where new ideas, approaches and practices can be instigated. DAS Graduate School is part of the Academy of Theatre and Dance of Amsterdam, which altogether offers 14 BA and 3 MA programmes in the field of theatre, dance and performance.

For additional information about the programme, application & admission procedures, please visit the DAS Theatre admission webpage or contact John Meijerink: / +31 (0)20 527 7668