Restoring a Haveli in Old Delhi

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Last month Reinwardt Academy published Engagements in the Courtyard: Restoring a Haveli in Old Delhi by Indian architect Aishwarya Tipnis. Based on her 2019 Reinwardt Memorial Lecture she tells the story of an exceptional restauration of a haveli house in Delhi. It turned into a pathbreaking, eight-year-long locally-embedded community project, which has been acclaimed internationally as an illuminating example of socially-engaged heritage. As such, it is perfectly in tune with the ‘Street Values’ research project on heritagemaking, which former lectorate professor Riemer Knoop has undertaken at the Academy (2015-2020) in collaboration with Michiel Schwarz, who wrote a Postscript for this publication. The book is available for download here. Hard copies upon request.

The on-line book launch will take place on Tuesday 15 december, 15:30-16:30 hrs (NL time). In a Zoom-webinar (ID: 884 1150 9793) author Aishwarya Tipnis will discuss the book with Riemer Knoop and Michiel Schwarz (English). Subsequently some key voices from the domain of participatory heritage will discuss the implication for social and civic heritage practice, Michaëla Hanssen (NL National Heritage Agency RCE & project lead Faro Convention research), Marc Jacobs (University of Antwerp), Nancy van Asseldonk (Reinwardt Academy, social heritage) and Martijn de Waal (Amsterdam University of Applied Science HvA, public domain & civic media).