DAS Theatre Open Labs: The Medium is the Medium | nyamnyam

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The collective nyamnyam are working with DAS Theatre 1st Year participants from the 1st–5th March, for the second week of the What Can Theatre Do Spring Research Labs.

The Medium is the Medium takes its name from one of the earliest examples of the collaboration between public television and video art. Understanding that we are completely saturated by mass ‘mediums’ nowadays, we are proposing to rediscover TV as a meeting place between artists and (live) audiences. An open (theatre) space which welcomes works of different natures and durations, centered on their live aspect.

On Friday 5th March there will be an Open Lab, a moment for the public to engage with the participants' work:

5th March 17:00-19:00 CET
Join the Open Lab at: https://www.whatcantheatredo.org/stage