Design after shrinkage: Saint-Etienne

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Together with the students of the P4 U/L studio "Design after shrinkage, Saint-Etienne", we travelled to Saint-Etienne (France) for a few days.

We visited  the remains of the city's industrial heritage, which back in time, helped the city to develop and thrive. Saint-Etienne was closely connected to its landscape through the mining industry - which is still visible in its city centre and surrounding landscape (old mines, factories, shaft, coal hills...). Today, the city is finally "stabilizing" in population, after many years of shrinkage thanks to ambitious urban plans and a search for a renewed identity. 

The city is not only surrounded by mines - but also by an impressive landscape. Just above the city, a huge dam controls the city's water system and drinking water supply. During extreme weather events, the dam reaches its capacity and the canalized the city river overflows.

Many inspiring challenges and problematics for the students to work with and develop inspiring proposal for Saint-Etienne and its region.

Lea Soret, Robert Younger and Philippe Allignet (tutors)