Introduction to the ATD Lectorate

Photo: shy*play – aster arribas + antje nestel.

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Would you like to know more about the ATD Lectorate? As we start the new academic year, we would love to share more about what the Lectorate is, what we do and who is a part of it. We are excited to present a new document as an introduction to the Lectorate. 

We all enter back into the academy after the summer break where we start, re-start and continue moving together, telling stories and exchanging ideas. Research as a practice of following our curiosity and sharing knowledges happens all across the ATD with the ATD Lectorate at its heart. It happens in the studio, as well as in the classroom and the library. It happens on stage and backstage, in our bodies and practices, as well as in writing.

We wanted to share more about what we do at the Lectorate. To do this, we have put together a document that goes into our activities. Some examples are the ATD Research Month in January 2024 and research projects which students can take part in like shy*play about neurodiversity in art education or Climate Imaginaries at Sea where artists are researching our relationship to water in the face of climate change. 

Download the ATD Lectorate document.