Interview with ECD4 student Bryan Nurhakim

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Read the interview with ECD4 student Bryan Nurhakim who is working with Christian Guerematchi together with our other ECD student Ummi Renteria Wouters:

What are you currently working on?
 I’m working with Christian Guerematchi and three other inspiring dancers on his much anticipated and newest work from his trilogy: FUNK. 

When and where are the performances?
We will tour throughout Holland from November 2023 till March 2024. The premiere will be on the 16th of November until 18th November in Frascati. For Tour Updates and Information check @christian_guerematchi on Instagram 

What inspires you to work on this project?
As a POC performer I lately have been constantly evaluating my position as the colored body on stage and in performance and how I can detach myself from western performative codes and their science. What is there to be expected from me? Do I still conform performance when I estrange myself from western normatives?

What are the challenges of this project?
It challenges you to critically look inside yourself and the society we live in. 

What are you looking forward to most?
Touring with my amazing team!

What would you like the audience to take with them after seeing your project?
I hope they can find escapism in a world that’s chaotic. I hope they can also identify with the performer’s experience and find a sense of relatability with us. You are not alone
Go to the website for tickets: