Pedro Collantes de Teran

Pedro Collantes de Teran

Master of Film

Pedro Collantes (Spain, 1980) works as an editor in Spain, the Netherlands and Norway. Pedro’s short films 'Eskiper' (made as part of his master’s research), '15 Summers Later' and 'Hourglass' have been selected by international film festivals and have received several awards. He has participated in the European Short Pitch 2010 (NisiMasa – France), Strangers Script Lab 2011 (Strada Film – Romania), CPH PIX SESSIONS 2012 (Copenhagen) and in SWATCH Art Peace Hotel (Shanghai, China) as an artist in residence. 

Previous education
TAI Art School – Editing & Post Production (Madrid, Spain)
Valladolid University - Film History & Aesthetics(Valladolid, Spain)

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  • May 9th
  • Nothing Stranger
  • Serori

Nothing Stranger - writer, director
Serori - writer, director

Artist's statement: Somewhere in between
As an editor I have been involved both in fiction and in documentary films. Very often I would feel that the magic of great cinema happens exactly somewhere in between these two approaches. When a scene imitates life so accurately that it feels real; or when reality is portrayed in a way that enhances it to a much deeper level… is there any difference? This strong commitment with reality paired with the creative freedom to play with it, contriving and molding it, is what drives me when I embark on making a film.

I believe great work always comes from personal experience. In my movies I constantly search for emotions or situations I know well, and I try to analyze them in order to find the universal in them. It is like a quest to help me understand the mechanisms behind a certain sentiment so I can later share it with anyone, anywhere.

Overige projecten

writer and director
- 'Serori' (2013)
Special Mention from the Jury at Student Film Festival Munich
Second prize, Student Category, Palm Springs International Shortfest
Premiered at Int. Film Festival Rotterdam 2014
'Nothing Stranger' (2013)
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016
Second Prize, AHK Graduation Prize 2013
- 'ESKIPER' (2012)
Audience Award: European Short Film Festival at MIT 2013 (USA)
Best Short Film award: CINESPAÑA Toulouse (France)
Best script award: ALCINE Int. Film Festival (Spain)
Special Mention of the Jury: HUESCA Int. Film Festival (Spain)
Best Actress award for Marta Larralde: Festival de Cine de Astorga (Spain)
Nominated for the Tuschinski Award: Nederlands Film Festival 2013 (Netherlands)
Competition, Leiden Int'l Short Film Experience 2013 (Netherlands)
Premiered at ALCINE Int'l Film Festival 2012
'Life in a Minute' (2011)
- '15 Summers later' (2011)
- 'Hourglass' (2011)


- '…because Superglue is forever' (Johan Grimonprez, 2011)
- 'Exhaling Music' (Trond Eliassen, 2010)

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