Maria Magdalena Kozlowska

Maria Magdalena Kozlowska

DAS Theatre

Maria Magdalena Kozłowska (Zielona Góra, 1986) is a singer, performer and director of polish origin. She has lived and worked in Warsaw for 12 years. Her interdisciplinary work combines elements of performance, visual arts and theatre. 

She worked with dancers and choreographers (Marta Ziółek, Alex Baczynski – Jenkins) as well as with visual artists (Sharon Lockhart, Paweł Śliwiński). 

Along with Maria Toboła, she is the creator of performative collective Małpeczki.  

As an artist she is interested in figures of liminal identity: tricksters, jesters, saints, 

divas. In her work you can observe social critique taking form of irony, teasing, but also elevated, operatic Gesamtkunstwerk.

Selected works:

2019 Rebus: Familia, solo exhibition, Kronika – Center For Contemporary Art, Bytom 

2018 Małpeczki: retrospective of video works, New Horizons International Film Festival,        Wroclaw

2018 Choke on this, performance, Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle,          Warsaw

2018 Anthem for everyone,performance and video for group exhibition Speedway in Art,           BWA Gallery Zielona Gora, BWA Gallery Tarnow, MOS Gallery Gorzow 

2017 Ah mio cor, video, for group exihibition Hoolifemmes, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Opener Festival 2017

2017 The Little Review by Sharon Lockhart, polish pavilion, Venice Biennale, Venice (as conductor and vocal artist)

2017 My imaginary band, performance, KEM, Warsaw  

2016 Make Yourself  by Marta Ziółek, Komuna Warszawa, Warsaw (as a singer and performer)

2016 Skype Performance for Swiss People,Manifesta, Warsaw - Zurich 

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