Paul Elie

Paul Elie

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Graduating performer MTD Paul Elie about This Then That

In This Then That, the graduation performance of the very last generation of MTD, students fully exhaust their performative and co-creative skills. Paul Elie: ‘This education taught me so much!

What inspired you in your education at MTD?
‘I think I am very lucky to be part of the last generation of MTD. The education taught me so much. Not only how to be a better performer, but also a better human being. Unfortunately, I cannot join my classmates for the graduation performance, because I am still busy with my internship at Tanzmainz, a German dance company based in Mainz.’

What inspiration do you think the audience will get, knowing your class?
‘No one should miss this performance, because my classmates are all very talented. Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion challenged them to create an interdisciplinary performance that contains movement, voice, text and music. This last generation will close the chapter of MTD performances in a very beautiful way!’


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