Niek Wagenaar

Niek Wagenaar

My name is Niek Wagenaar, I'm from Holland (born in Heemstede, but currently living in Amsterdam) and I'm graduating from the Urban Contemporary (JMD) Dance department. First I enjoyed two years of pre-education at the Academy's 5 o'clock class, after which I was very happy to be accepted at the UCD, because I thought this department would fit me very well. I mainly wanted to train to become a performing artist, but I also wanted to focus on my personal artistic growth. At UCD we had a curriculum that enabled both of these wishes very much.

During the education, I've had the opportunity to be part of creative processes with SHIFFT/Jasper van Luijk (JMD1), Lotem Regev (JMD2), Gerleen Balstra (JMD2), Kenzo Alvarez(JMD3), Heidi Vierthaler (JMD3) as part of school performances. In these professional experiences in the safe environment of ATD, I've learnt a great deal about different physicalities, performance qualities and how to find a match between my personal artistry and the choreographers wishes. Outside of school I was able take part in other endeavors, such as working with Anne Suurendonk (WaterWorks, ArtBeat Amsterdam), and doing serveral intensives at a.o. Hofesh Shechter Company, Batsheva Dance Company, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Kidd Pivot and James Wilton Company.


An important focus point within the department, was creating my own work. In my third year, for example, I created 'Ruim te nemen'. In this process I focussed on the power of (a) space and developing skills in composition. In my last year, I wanted to continue developing my skills as a dance maker, which I shaped into a choreographic research project for 'Nymphs (working title)'. On the latter I will elaborate later. I think the combination of especially these two processes as a maker, have given a lot of form, knowledge, depth and colour to my skills as a choreographer.


In the near future I will continue touring Political Mother Unplugged with HSC around Europe. After this I would like to continue the R&D for 'Nymphs (working title)', and keep pursuing being either dancer in dance companies or working project based.

Research for Nymphs (working title)

As previously mentioned, I did a choreographic research this year. In this particular research I dove into developing my movement language and movement practice. With this research I hope to have enriched my qualities as a dance maker, and attempted founding a basis for my future as a choreographer. I would like to further develop the researched contents of this project into a dance piece, with the working title 'Nymphs'.


Hofesh Shechter Company (Political Mother Unplugged, Political Mother Unplugged: The Final Cut, LIGHT: Bach Dances)

I had the opportunity to do several projects with HSC, in both my third and fourth year, which was an amazing expierence. It has enormously deepened the understanding of both my body and the professional working field. It has also greatly diversified my movement quality, as well as my view on/taste in contemporary dance.


Collectief MAMM (Twentysomething)

With Collectief MAMM I had the opportunity to refine my technique in partnering and floorwork, and to co-create in a new theatre-dance location performance. Overall it was a very good period to strenghten several aspects of my qualities as dancer, actor and performer.

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