Electro Recorder Lab

'During my study I decided to research how it would be possible to implement Live Electronics in Instrumental Music Teaching. During the process I wrote a teaching method called the Electro Recorder Lab. The teaching method included laboratories of experimentation in the form of game cards for teachers to use as sources of inspiration during their lessons, and several apps which could be used in conjunction with the physical electronics (microphones, speakers, etc.). The idea was that any teacher, with no prior knowledge, would be able to easily implement ideas about playing with technology and live electronics during their instrumental music lessons with beginner students aged 7-11.

I chose this topic because I am passionate about music education. This passion led me to ask many questions about the quality of music education and the lack of development with music education and technology. I believe there are still many developments to be made in the way in which we teach instrumental music lessons, bringing the current world of performance which often includes many technological gadgets (computers, phones, microphones, etc.) and also many disciplines (dance, actors, video etc.) closer together with instrumental music lessons. I believe my method fulfills this gap and provides an alternative way of teaching a beginner a musical instrument.

I have the opportunity to teach using my teaching method in two music schools in Amsterdam in the form of workshops, which will begin this school year. I have plans to improve the method and have designed the next prototype of the physical electronic unit used within my method.

I believe that I have a great product which can inspire both teachers and young students, and bring contemporary music and more specifically live electronic music to the forefront of music education.' - Francesca


Roderik de Man, componist: 'Over the years I have been following Francesca's progress and noticed she has developed very well, not only as a recorder player but also in the field of live electronics. Live electronics itself has gone through very interesting stages, incorporating theatrical elements, video, dance and more. Francesca has the ability to embrace all these disciplines and does so in a remarkable way.

A lot of attention is also given to the student/teacher relation and as you can see in her research report, a wide range of subjects is covered. I enjoyed Francesca's performance very much, one of the reasons being that it contained all kinds of subtleties and sometimes could go quite wild, all in good harmony.'

Jorge Isaac, Head of Recorder studies, Conservatorium van Amsterdam: 'During Francesca’s masters I was able to supervise her research in which she developed her ideas about integrating live electronics and the recorder as a way to teach young recorder students, in a new and vibrant manner. I was impressed with her ideas and concepts but also with the way in which she conducted her research.

I truly believe that what Francesca has put together is not only a teaching method that works, but also a teaching method which fills a gap in the market that is much needed in this area of pedagogy. Francesca’s method has the opportunity and ability to not only succeed in the teaching world but the potential to become a leading method of any instrumental classroom in Europe.'