Entrepreneurship in education

An entrepreneurial attitude and knowledge of entrepreneurship are important for a successful start on the labor market. The courses at the AHK have entrepreneurial skills and preparation for professional practice as an employee or self-employed person embedded in the curricula in different ways:

Getting acquainted with the field of work

All study programmes maintain close ties with the field of work. Students get to know the players in the field as a result of guest lectures, visits to institutions and events at the University. In this way, they discover during their studies where their desires and opportunities lie. Read More

Career development

What do I want and how can I keep developing myself? Various study programmes have hours for academic career counselling on the timetable. Entrepreneurial skills, such as presenting, networking and applying for jobs could all form part of this. Read more

Practical experience

Most students gain work experience within the curriculum through internships and projects with external parties. Through this practical experience, students learn what they are good at and the area they may want to specialise in.  In the case of study programmes in the performing arts, students must produce their shows and concerts from beginning to end themselves. Read more

Organising the work

Courses like Project management and Budgeting are included in various study programmes. This is, of course, a larger part of the curriculum for production students than for performing artists. While marketing and pitching are an explicit part of the above-mentioned courses for one study programme, attracting an audience is part of putting on a show in the case of other study programmes. Read more

Starting one’s own practice

How are you going to make a living soon? What do you need to arrange for yourself or your company? When do you need to go to the Chamber of Commerce? What do you lay down in an employment contract and what does paying a salary involve? Business-oriented career preparation is mostly offered in the third or fourth year. The AHK maintains the BeroepKunstenaar site in order to support students and alumni with these issues. Read more