Practical experience

Most students gain work experience within the curriculum through internships and projects with external parties. Through this practical experience, students learn what they are good at and the area they may want to specialise in.  In the case of study programmes in the performing arts, students must produce their shows and concerts from beginning to end themselves. Below you will find several examples of the practical experience that students gain.

External curriculum Architecture

The Academy has worked with an educational model since its establishment in which theory and practice enrich each other mutually. In this ‘concurrency’ model, students work three or four days in actual practice and have lessons at the Academy on Fridays and an average of two evenings per week. Work and study supplement each other forming a full-time study programme and the credits are awarded proportionately.

At the initiative of the Academy, various employers from the region organise work experience studios.

CvA Booking Agency

Every effort is made to prepare students for the practical and business aspects of the music profession, a field which changes all the time. From day one they perform for an audience in different settings. To enable the students to perform more you can book student musicians from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam for your event through the CvA Booking Agency. Our soloists, ensembles, and big bands perform live in all music genres at your social activities. Bookings can be for a single concert, but may also be for a series of events. Read more