Our vision on diversity

The AHK trains professionals who work for and in the arts. We tell stories and stimulate imagination, change and empathy through arts, culture and heritage. That takes place at the heart of a society where diversity is not a policy objective, but a reality.

We strive towards an inclusive learning and work environment within the AHK, which forms the basis for quality, new ideas and creativity. In the inclusive environment that we envisage, you can be yourself completely and you are valued for everything that constitutes your identity; not regardless of, but inclusive of your gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, functional disability and social, cultural and ideological background. Students and staff must feel welcome and seen at each level of the organisation, and be given the space to develop their talents. We want to share, examine and connect different perspectives, so that everyone can get the best out of themselves, and the AHK will flourish as a whole. We want the work of AHK graduates to provide inspiration and recognition to a broad and diverse audience and to reflect what is going on within society.

The AHK has laid down its action points in the field of diversity and inclusion in the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan 2021.


Humans of the Arts

Bijzondere verhalen van studenten en medewerkers

We want to hear your voice!

An inclusive environment requires the necessary changes. We would like to hear your story during the AHK Circles. Let's combine our strength, knowledge, talent and energy for a sustainable and inclusive environment. Exchange knowledge, learn and grow together towards a safer AHK environment. What do you see, what are your experiences, what is your perspective and what do you need? We want to facilitate conversations, learn from each other and create awareness. See the programme committee as a critical friend with inclusion as its goal. We want to hear your voice! 

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