AHK Circles Diversity & Inclusion

Time for change
To be inclusive, we need to change. So, join the conversation during the AHK Circles. Let's combine our strength, knowledge, talent and energy for a sustainable and inclusive environment. Exchange knowledge, learn and grow together towards a safer AHK environment. What do you see, what are your experiences, what is your perspective and what do you need? We want to facilitate conversations, learn from each other and create awareness.

Safety and Inclusion
In 2022 and 2023, the AHK Circles rotated through the six academies of the AHK and we organized meetings with the theme of Safety & Inclusion. To identify the wishes and needs of AHK students and employees regarding this theme, the Circles committee members surveyed their own academy and invited one or two guests for an in-depth discussion. The video series Drawing the Circles was made from those conversations. 

Drawing the Circles - videoseries

The programme committee

The programme committee AHK Circles D&I is a collective of students and employees of the six academies of the AHK, each with a wealth of life experiences to improve the inclusive culture, practice and policy within the AHK. See the programme committee as a critical friend with inclusion as its goal. 

"We push energy into the AHK Circles to prepare the ground for change"

We work with the following core values:

  • Inclusion: the program committee appoints students and employees from the widest range of intersectionality within the AHK;
  • Inclusive programming: our internal practices enables us to make more inclusive Circles;
  • Critical friend: we encourage critical and goal oriented thinking towards inclusion;
  • Dialogue: we facilitate conversations and awareness, strengthening interdisciplinary dialogue;
  • Safety: we use approved strategy’s to make safe environments for members and participants;
  • Catalyze: we push energy into the AHK Circles to prepare the ground for change;
  • Knowledge exchange: we share best/worst practices and we educate people on important social issues;
  • Dialogue: we facilitate conversations and raise awareness, thus strengthening the interdisciplinary dialogue;
  • Safety: we use proven strategies to create a safe environment for members and participants;
  • Catalyst: we feed the AHK Circles with energy to activate the environment for change;
  • Knowledge exchange: we share our best and worst experiences and we educate people about important social issues.

More information on MyAHK
Students and employees of the AHK can find more information about the AHK Circles with more videos, the agenda and an introduction of the programme committee on MyAHK

Would you like to join in the conversation? Then send a message to the AHK Circles committee (ahk-dive-in@ahk.nl). If you feel the need for a confidential conversation, please contact us. The AHK has various confidants who are ready to help you.