Entrepreneurship in art is very much in the spotlight. Whether you make shows, paintings or exhibitions, they are only successful if you know how to sell them. That is why entrepreneurship is also playing an increasingly important role in the education of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). This website will show what is happening in the field of entrepreneurship in and around the AHK.



All about the business side to working in the arts

Entrepreneurship in education

An enterprising attitude is very important for a successful start in the professional practice. The study programmes at the AHK have anchored entrepreneurial skills and preparation for entrepreneurship within the education in various ways. Read more


BeroepKunstenaar.nl is the AHK’s website about the business side to working in the arts and culture sector. Practical information can be found on this site, for example, about the different fields of work, running a business, taxes, legal matters and financing projects. Read More

Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship

From 2013-2016 the AHK has been a partner in the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), the expertise centre and network for entrepreneurship. At the moment the AHK is discussing with Innovatie Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) how continue a collaboration for enterpreneurship in education. Read more