The AHK and sustainability

The Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) is aware of its social responsibility for its surroundings and the possible impact on the environment through the use of the buildings and facilities. This is why the AHK is making an effort to reduce this impact as much as possible. The energy policy also aims to continuously improve the AHK’s environmental performance.

The AHK therefore hopes to implement global and European agreements, such as those laid down in Dutch legislation and regulations, in a responsible way. The Dutch Environmental Management Act (Wet Milieubeheer) and the Long-Term Agreements on Energy Efficiency (Meerjarenafspraken energie-efficiency, MJA3) are, therefore, important assessment criteria for the AHK.

In executing its activities, the AHK aims, among other things, to avoid hindrance or environmental impact, and strives for higher efficiency in its energy consumption. The AHK shall adopt the necessary organisational measures and technical provisions for this purpose.

In addition, the implementation and enforcement of the energy management system requires the greatest possible care from everyone within the organisation with regard to energy use, as well as compliance with the established procedures and operational instructions.

In order to enforce the energy management system, regular audits will be carried out to ascertain how it is functioning, and to measure compliance with legislation and regulations and energy consciousness. On the basis of the information obtained, the Executive Board and the Faculty Boards will compare the objectives set out in the energy policy statement with the actual results achieved on an annual basis.

The Executive Board has assumed ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the energy policy and has set aside the necessary financial resources for this purpose.

In 2012, a Sustainability Platform was established comprising staff members with the aim of increasing awareness regarding sustainability among students and staff members.