Participation councils

The Amsterdam University of the Arts has a council for the whole school (HR), and each academy of the AHK has an academy council.

The participation councils are the formal bodies for students and personnel with whom the Governing Body and heads of academies discuss matters bearing on policy and course content. Two members of each academy sit on the HR (a member of staff and a student member), as well as a member of staff of the Service Bureau. Membership of the HR or FR is for two years and is by election.

The academy councils deal with matters concerning the faculty, while the council for the whole school deals with matters that concern the school as a whole or transcend the academy level.

The councils have the right of approval and recommendation, depending on the matter at hand. These rights are specified in the participation council regulations.

Download the Regulations for participation in decision making (PDF)


Here you will find the rules and regulations of the University Council.

Regulations of the University Council (PDF)

Kiesreglement Medezeggenschap (PDF, Dutch)
Electoral rules for the University council.

Huishoudelijk Reglement Hogeschoolraad (PDF, Dutch)
Bylaws for the University council.