Social safety

Social safety
The AHK aims to provide a safe learning and working environment for pupils, students, teachers and staff, with professional standards of behaviour and in which it is clear when the boundaries of the permissible are exceeded. Socially unsafe situations, transgressive behaviour, abuse, intimidation and the like, are completely unacceptable. It does not fit with who we want to be, how we want to teach and work together; our college should be a safe environment for everyone.

Rules of conduct have been drawn up which you can read in the Code of Conduct on Social Safety. This code of conduct applies to all staff and students of the AHK and contains rules for avoiding undesirable, or potentially transgressive, situations. The code of conduct also describes the measures that can be taken if these rules are violated.

Complaint about public safety and transgressive behaviour
You can always contact the AHK complaints desk. If you don't know exactly where to go, you can send your question to the AHK Complaints Desk via the e-mail address Your question will always be handled confidentially. The AHK complaints desk can tell you which regulation your question falls under, whether it is a notification, complaint, objection or appeal and what you can do. It is also possible - with or without the help of a confidential advisor - to submit a complaint to the AHK Complaints Committee. You can read about the procedure for submitting a complaint to the Complaints Committee in the Complaints Regulations on Undesirable Behaviour. You can find the contact details of the confidential advisers on MyAHK (only accessible to staff and students).

Certificate of Good Conduct
For all AHK staff, submission of a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) is a condition of employment. To this end Justis (Ministry of Justice and Security) sends a request for the VOG electronically.

More information
On MyAHK you can find more information about AHK's facilities and regulations for social safety (only accessible to staff). 

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