The three Rotterdam friends Em, Moreno and Kyon have robbed a local money laundering operation. They are as pleased as punch and return home with a good feeling. Their friendship is put on edge when they notice that the money is not enough to solve their problems. Portfotto is the final project of Edson da Conceicao (Directing Fiction). 

The film came about in cooperation with BNNVARA.


Anita Smit, Head of Studies Production at the Netherlands Film Academy:Portfotto is a socially engaged story with a great urgency. The production team consists of three driven producers who do not shy away from taking an enormous amount of work on their shoulder and committing themselves 100% to the film which they are responsible for. However, it was not only a special achievement in terms of production. This applies to all fields of expertise. All these things together resulted, in my opinion, in a beautiful portrait of these three ‘bad’ boys that affects you through its nuance, engagement and compassion.'

Marc Bary, producer/owner IJswater: 'Together with this committed direction, screenwriting and production students, I was able to closely follow the development and realisation of Porfotto from my production company IJswater Films. The enthusiastic team was open to feedback and Bodil, Yasmin, Nicky, Tessel and Edson were able to optimally develop their talents for their respective fields of expertise during the entire creative process, as well as being able to motivate the rest of the crew, cast and all parties involved in order to achieve a fantastic end result.'

Jaap van Heusden, writer and director:Porfotto made a powerful impression on me. Perfectly cast, convincingly acted, with compelling, gritty camerawork. A story about the aftermath of a robbery, which each of the three young perpetrators deal with differently. Told with a steady hand by a director who manages to keep all three storylines gripping and exciting.'

From the jury report of the Graduation Prize: 'Edson da Conceicao knows who he’s talking about and what motivates his characters. You notice that in every part of his graduation film Porfotto. This filmmaker is firmly grounded in society, he has a clear feeling for street culture in Rotterdam and manages to encapsulate that in an excellent fictional film in a charming, refreshing and skilled manner. Porfotto will appeal to a large group of viewers and rightly so: these stories of disadvantaged young people must also be told and heard.'


Scenario Bodil Matheeuwsen
Direction Edson da Conceicao
Production Yasmin van Dorp, Tessel Jonkers, Nicky Onstenk
Cinematographer Jeroen Klokgieters
Gaffer Bo Bolderink
Production Design Mijs de Wit
Art Direction Douwe de Jong
Costume Design Noa van Nielen
Sound Design Sofie van der Meer
Sound recording & Mixage Dennis Sanders
Editing Jip Walther Boer
Visual Effects Supervisor Juriaan Wolters
Visual Effects Artist Laurens Vermeulen
Composer Gabriel Milliet

Direction Assistent  Eric da Cruz Recording Producer Pieter Walther Boer Recording Producer Assistent Miriam Rumora Script continuityLieke Heil Location Manager Dena Meere Production Assistent June Carmiggelt, Kato van der Raadt Focus puller Mike Molenhuis Data handling Hugo van Roosmalen Light Assistent Stern Nordsiek, Joaldo Queiroz Sound Assistent Björn Hoogland Production Design Assisent Helga Jurgens, Romy Klokkers Costume Assistent Demi Nouwens Setdresser Nadine Klingen Special make-up Jacqueline van Loon Casting Groen Casting Color Correction De Grot - Erik van den Heuvel 

With Dalorim Wartes, Yannick Jozefzoon, Jhamal Emanuelson, Romana Vrede, Joy Delima, Jerry Armah

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