Insight out

Carmen Lamptey and Gabriela Acosta Camacho (both Master of Education in Arts) about their nominated project Insight Out: 'We developed a multidisciplinary teaching programme for the NGO Young in Prison (YiP), in which ten young people from the Teylingereind youth custodial institution made an artistic short film together with artists based on the philosophical question ‘What is freedom?' YiP is an organisation that helps children and young people who have got into trouble with the law to make a positive contribution to society by means of creative and sporting programmes for personal development in prison and thereafter. An innovative education kit was developed with this project and tested on young people in the Teylingereind youth custodial institution in Sassenheim. At the same time, the young people in this youth custodial institution worked on an artistic film that can be used for information and debate with a wider audience and to attract other youth custodial institutions to start working with the education kit.’


Jappe Groenendijk, Programme Director Master of Education in Arts: ‘Gabriela and Carmen developed a hugely impressive, relevant and ambitious arts education project for their graduation, in which the power of arts education comes to the fore. As project leaders, Gabriela and Carmen proved that they have a wide palette of didactic, pedagogical, arts educational, organisational and leadership skills. Moreover, they managed to bring together a team of renowned artists from different discipline who all spoke the language of the target group. It was partly due to the quality of these artists that a beautiful balance arose between social objectives - such as making a contribution to personal development and behavioural change in the young people – and the artistic quality of the final film.’

Jaap van der Spek, director Young in Prison: ‘The film Insight Out is of a highly artistic quality and exceeded the expectations of the target group, the employees of the youth custodial institution and myself, as client. The accompanying teaching module Insight Out that was developed, described the creative process of an artistic film by using various arts disciplines within a closed facility. We will get a great deal of use out of this at YiP for a long time to come: the teaching module is easily understandable for the YiP teachers who didn’t cooperate. We will incorporate the project Insight Out into our modular course programme, so we can offer it more often.’

From the jury report of the Graduation Prize: 'With Insight out Gabriela Acosta Camacho and Carmen Lamptey have created an impressive educational project. It is extremely clever how they have managed to get to grips with this difficult target group, especially as two women in a boys youth prison. The result is also very successful aesthetically and philosophically. The fact that the lesson module was directly incorporated into the regular course programme of client Young in Prison shows the impact that Gabriela and Carmen have managed to achieve. A unique and richly deserved result.'


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