Alumni Maayke Pleijers, Pieter Kapteijns, Indy Kisoen (Production) and Thom Lunshof (Directing Fiction) graduated with the film Harmonia.

While Philine is trying to secure a spot in the most prestigious boat of her University’s rowing club, a mysterious voice penetrates her University campus. The voice is searching for oneness and connection in a world where everyone, trapped in isolation, is pursuing their individual goals.  

The graduating students have this to say: ‘An urgent film, made by a team that collaborated in all respects as a team. Harmonia ended up being a rhythmic and dynamic film that broaches an important and wide-ranging theme: pressure to achieve. This pressure to achieve is very visible and tangible within our own generation; consciously or unconsciously, we are always busy trying to fulfil the expectations that we impose on ourselves and each other. In addition to the pressure to achieve, we lay bare an underlying theme, namely the search for identity and the loss thereof. By using a voice-over, we make a distinction between the individual and ‘the masses’. The voice tells what it sees among our generation; it responds to the vulnerability of the students and in that way hopes to bring them closer together. The audience is given the opportunity to identify with the storyline of our main character Philine in a short space of time, but at the same time the bird’s eye view of the voice provides a different perspective on her reality. We embraced the spirit of experimentation in an attempt to render this abstract form as clearly as possible through partial use of narration to tell the story. We hope that the film is accessible to our generation because of this and arouses a brief moment of awareness about pressure to achieve and the pressure to stand out.’
The film came about in cooperation with the Dutch broadcaster BNNVARA.

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Loes Komen and Eva Verweij, producers Room for Film: ‘Director Thom Lunshof has made an intriguing and authentic film, which will surprise the audience. He has also gathered a team around him, including a talented scriptwriter and a driven and passionate production team, who bring out the best in him, each other and the story. We saw the entire team pull off a collaboration which any film crew would be jealous of.’

Mart Dominicus, teacher Direction: 'Harmonia stands out due to the way in which the creators give shape to the film. This bears witness  to an extraordinary level of ambition. However, that ambition is also actually fulfilled to an unprecedented extent, especially given the means and options available to a graduation project production. This quality is most visible in the production value of the film: the impressive locations, the beautiful production design, the many extras. But in my opinion that quality is equally apparent in the slick camerawork, the emotiveness and precision of the voice-over, the rhythm of the editing and the emotional thrust of the music. Under the guidance of director Thom Lunshof, an admirable cross-pollination has taken place in which all departments lift each other to a higher level.’


Screenwriters Sam Dijkstra & Thom Lunshof  
Director Thom Lunshof 
Producers Pieter Kapteijns, Indy Kisoen, Maayke Pleijers 
Cinematography Amit Kumar 
Gaffer Lola Mooij 
Production design Daan Goudswaard, Emmy Rommers 
Costume design Merel ter Braak 
Sound design Burak Öztaș 
Production sound mixer Zita Leemans 
Re-recording mixer Tim Marsman 
Editor Pepijn Ahsmann 
Visual effects supervisors Ömür Sönmez, Jurrian van Vuuren 
Visual effects coordinators Anne à Campo, Lennart Vulto, Jurrian van Vuuren 
Visual effects artists Golan van der Bend, Nina Blaauwbroek, Florentijn Boot, Bats Bronsveld, Anne à Campo, Channah van Croonenborg, Winston van Graafeiland, Nils Johannesson, Lennard Klaaijsen, Ruben Koppenol, Bob Lemm, Charleton Mercelina, Stijn Sanders, Charlotte Veldhuizen, Gilles Vink, Lennart Vulto, Joanne Yap 
Composer Renán Zelada 

Assistant director Sam Dijkstra 
First assistant director Marjan Lammers 
Production Assistants Tessel van der Linden, Sara Otte, Valerie Rutjes, Isolde Blüm 
Script supervisor Stan Egberts 
Extras Coordinator Hannah van Helden 
Logistics managers Aziza van den Berg, Storm Rechsteiner 
Set assistants Muus Veldkamp, Roosmarijn Hopman, Minke Wijers 
Focus pullers Majid Rezaie, Evert Bazuin 
Second assistants camera Nick Eckhardt, Dorotea Pace 
Data handling Bart van Heerwaarden 
Grip Jelle van der Weiden Steadicam Jasper van Gheluwe 
Under water camera
 Bas Andries, Sjouke Brunia 
Best boys Coen Meerman, Jaap Mar Diemel 
Electricians Rick de Beurs, Jeroen van Nunen, Alya Williams, Giorgio de la Fuente 
Assistants production design Jip van Doornewaard, Demi Andriessen, Mies Bongenaar, Laurette Titshof Set dresser Kino Haverkorn 
Construction manager Henk Pol 
Wardrobe on set Nina Stanková, Sofie Nolet 
Make up & hair Sharon de Ruijsscher 
Assistants sound mixer Zeno Hehenkamp, Bente van der Spek 
Casting Post Castelijn Casting: Fay Muller, Ilse de Weerd 
Extras Casting MULTA Casting: Britt van der Gaag, Annelinde Hoogendam, Lara de Vlieger 

Starring Nora El Koussour, Juda Goslinga, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Caro Derkx, Peter Paul Muller, Kaltoum Boufangacha, Faye Kimmijser, Simone Giel, Pleun de Roode, Evalinde Lammers, Joy Verberk 

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