Mad Voices

Alumna Sanne Bokkers (Mime) graduated with the theatrical concert Mad Voices about the anger of women, made in collaboration with a number of Mime and Conservatorium van Amsterdam students.

Sanne: ‘Anger has a bad reputation, while it is one of the most hopeful and forward-thinking emotions. Being angry leads to change, demonstrates our passion and ensures that we feel connected with what’s happening in the world. However, what do we see actually? An angry woman is not taken seriously. In Mad Voices, we demonstrate the power of anger. We want to show women that they are also allowed to be angry and should be taken seriously in that regard.  

Five women perched on a rock like primates stare vacantly ahead. Now and again, something moves. Someone gets agitated, but receives no response. In the void, frustration arises on the rock and then everything erupts. The women furiously break out of their apathy. In a wonderland of neon colours, they are allowed to move uncensored in a sensual and crude manner. For themselves, not for you. They unashamedly take up the space. There is room for anger, but also for fun and lunacy. An opera number, a punk song and a song about ‘pussies’. Have you actually been watching a concert the whole time?

We want to share our ideas and fighting spirit with a broader audience and inspire women to become angry, make their voices heard and take up space. We want to inform men, make them our allies and involve them in our search for a more equal world. And for everyone: by being able to feel anger, we can spring into action! The world is on fire, be worried!’

'Women have been trained to think that we are over reacting, or that we’re being too sensitive or unreasonable. We try to make sense out of nonsense and we swallow the furious feelings. That fury sits deep inside as we practice our smiles and try to be pleasant. Because apparently women aren’t supposed to get angry.'
Tracee Ellis Ross


Loes van der Pligt, artistic director Mime, Academy of Theatre and Dance: ‘Sanne overwhelmed us with her show Mad Voices. We were overwhelmed by the power, the rawness, the apathy, the visual and musical quality, the unique craftsmanship and the show was imbued with the burning need to make this and share it with the audience.’

Judith Wendel, Dramaturgy teacher, Academy of Theatre and Dance: ‘Many facets of the show affected me. The rage that has mounted up in these female performer comes roaring out. Mad Voices is relevant, beautifully made and spotlights a generation of musical creators whose voice has to be heard. The urgency oozes out of it and sinks in.’

Concept/idea: Sanne Bokkers
Acting & Music: Moriah Dekker, Judith Rijsenbrij, Līva Dumpe, Maja Grzeczka and Sanne Bokkers
Supervision: Marie Groothof
Dramaturgy: Floor Houwink ten Cate
Production: Zita de Vos, Paula Braas
Technical production: Anique van Laar, Asun Gaaikema
Photo: Janne Igbuwe
Poster: Pyke Effern
With thanks to: Stella van Leeuwen, Loes van der Pligt, Loïs Maat, Paulina Prokop, Kelsey Lampe, the Interfaculty Fund.

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