Julia Snijder (Conservatorium Pop Vocals) graduated with her musical performance "Mírame and see me for who I am".

Julia: 'Julia Sabaté invites you to embark on a captivating journey through the depths of passion, emotion and raw feelings. She weaves together a compelling blend of pop, electronic and hip-hop influences. Her music resonates with authenticity and vulnerability, unafraid to expose the depths of her soul.

Julia aims to inspire. As the final notes of her performance linger in the air, Julia gracefully releases your hand, signalling the beginning of your own personal journey. With her music as your guide, you are encouraged to take flight, to soar to new heights, and to explore the boundless possibilities that lie within.'


"Julia Sabaté seeks the darkness with edgy Spanish Electronic-based music, alternated with delicate songs"


Dr. Joachim Junghanss, Deputy Director of Conservatorium van Amsterdam: 'Her songs forge a deep connection with the outside world, blending elements from diverse musical backgrounds. Julia skillfully combines elements from the realms of pop, electronic, and hip-hop, all while infusing them with her distinctive Spanish identity. What further distinguishes her is her remarkably well-executed live presentations, encompassing top-notch audio production, masterful lighting, captivating stage presence, and choreography. Undoubtedly, she will make a significant contribution to the evolution of the broader pop music landscape.'

Patrick van Herrikhuyzen, Pianist, Songwriter & Music Producer of PvH Music Amsterdam: 'Julia Sabbaté's act stood like a house from the very first song. The performance of the band and singer was complete and of a high standard. Razor-sharp beats and a hybrid form of pure vocals with catchy and timeless lyrics with catchy top lines.

Drawing on an already existing Latin American (Raggeaton) idiom, but in this way completely unique in the Netherlands. Treasuring traditional Spanish music translated into a contemporary modern sound. A finished and tasteful total package of sound, dance and visuals, down to the last detail.

A project by:

Julia Snijder