The Calabar Sculpture Garden - Stephanie Ete

Stephanie Ete made a design for a premises that welcomes Calabar's people, culture and heritage

Nominee AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021: Stephanie Ete
Studies: Architecture (MA), Academy of Architecture
Graduation project: The Calabar Sculpture Garden
Medium: Architectural design for a cultural premises

Stephanie Ete, graduate in Architecture (MA) at Academy of Architecture, AHK / Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Stephanie Indongesit Ete's graduation project "The Calabar Sculpture Garden" is an architectural design for a cultural space for the current location of the historic Old Calabar Botanical Garden site, in the heart of the city of Calabar, Nigeria. The Calabar Sculpture Garden is a design for an ensemble of buildings, spaces and gardens. It provides a dynamic form of museum space. The garden design is inspired by traditional Ukara cloth, whilst its buildings reflect the region’s vernacular architecture of the ethnic Efik courtyard/compound typology. The Calabar Sculpture Garden provides a home for original artefacts from the Calabar region, artefacts that at this moment are part of permanent collections of renowed musea like Musée du quai Branly in Paris and The British Museum in London.

This “eindwerk” or graduation project was one of eleven graduation projects nominated for the AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021, the Graduation Award of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

On February 10th 2022 AHK / Amsterdam University of the Arts will announce the winners of the AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021: the awards for a master and a bachelor graduation project, and the AHK Graduation Audience Award 2021.

Check for irregular updates, amongst others on voting for the AHK Audience Award on February 10th 2022!

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