The AHKafé is a place where fellow students and alumni of the AHK meet in an easygoing and fun way. The team, always consisting of students and alumni, develop evenings under the guidance of the AHK where it is about community, networking and relaxation. The programme of the evening is always up to you!

Previous AHKafe's were a simple but strong concept: an evening led by a house-DJ and host + cold drinks behind the bar. Pub quizzes were developed, numbers were exchanged and dances were done. And did you have a project for which you were looking for AHK students or alumni? There was always room for a supply-and-demand-round during the short intermezzos. This way, together with you, we built a sustainable network of a new generation of creatives.


AHKafé #1 – February 26th 2020

Location: Academy for Theatre and Dance


AHKafé #2: Voorjaarsfuif – April 20th, 2022

Location: Culture Club, Marineterrein 


We have two successful AHKafé's behind us. (The images say it all.) Would you like to take it forward with other people now? Then email ondernemen@ahk.nl and we'll brainstorm with you.