AHK Starterscafé for current and former students

Learn smart and effective ways to run your business at the AHK Start-Up Café. Each week we take a deep dive into one crucial aspect, whether that’s building a portfolio, promoting yourself, setting rates, applying for funding, taxes, bookkeeping… you name it. Get the basics sorted so you can focus on what you really want to be doing: being creative!  

AHK Start-Up Café is an early evening pop-up café at AHK Culture Club that’s packed with extra-curricular workshops. First grab a drink and get to know the current and former students from a wide range of fields. After that, your inspiring trainer will teach you all the ins and outs of running a business. Each week there’s one evening session in Dutch and one in English. 

Any questions? Put them in a mail to ondernemen@ahk.nl

All the Starterscafé meetings from 2021 - 2022 are over! Check out the archive to see what happened this year.


04.04.23, 19:00 hrs.
AHK Culture Club
25.05.23, 19:00 hrs.
AHK Culture Club

Meet us, the project Entrepreneurship executing team!

Maybe you are planning to attend the Starterscafé? Or would you like to participate in the presentation training this school year? Or still prefer to take the online accounting series at home on the couch?

We thought it was high time to introduce ourselves. Because everything we accomplish with the entrepreneurship project we do with an engaged team. Our team is a potpourri of students and alumni of the AHK, mostly ATD. From Starterscafé evening coordinator to project leader, we all know what it is or was like to be a student at the AHK. And what binds us is that we all think it's important to pay more attention to entrepreneurship education. "By educating people in an entrepreneurial way, we all create a new generation of artists who stand up for their rights, their collective bargaining agreement, their contracts, simply: their own work. From this, hopefully, an (even more) widely recognized sector will emerge," according to Maud ter Haar, fourth-year Production Performing Arts Education and project entrepreneurship staff member.

Meet our entire execution team here!