Presentation training

Tongue-tied? In a cold sweat? ... Relax, you’re not the only one who tenses up at the thought of a presentation, a job interview or an important telephone call. But maybe it’s time you made some changes.


What is this training about?
In this presentation training (3 evening sessions, 1 double-session on a Saturday) course Marjolein Roeleveld is going to work with you. She’ll help you find your own unique style and voice in five themed sessions on ‘body language’, ‘structure’, ‘audience and place’, ‘voice and breath’ and ‘energy and enthusiasm’. Marjolein’s personal approach is the secret power of this training course. Presenting is so much easier if you can be yourself. That’s why the focus is on who you are. 

What will this course do for you?
This training course is going to give you a serious confidence boost. You’ll get all the tools you need to get your story across – it’s a skill you’ll be able to use anytime, anywhere. On completion of the course, you’ll know how to use your voice and body for a presentation or important conversation. You’ll be able to present in a powerful way that’s rooted in your personal enthusiasms and unique qualities. You’ll get all the tools you need to prepare for the presentation or conversation, and find out how to consciously apply what you’ve learned while presenting or talking. 

About Marjolein Roeleveld, course trainer
For Marjolein Roeleveld, it’s all about who you are. Her complete focus is on you as a person. That’s the power of her presentation training courses. Marjolein Roeleveld studied at the AHK, gaining a Theatre in Education BA in 2005 and graduating from the Mime School in 2012. As well as working with theatre companies such as Kassys, TG Oostpool, Mtg Golden Palace, Afslag Eindhoven and Jessie L’Herminez, she has also directed her own work, including the site-specific project Everywhere, Challenging Time at Tilburg Station. Alongside these activities, Marjolein develops presentation trainings such as this one that centre on unique personal qualities, physical awareness and making contact. 

About Astrid Rose, guest trainer
‘Real stories make the difference’: that’s Astrid Rose’s motto. She’d love to teach you how to structure and tell your powerful story. Astrid is the guest teacher for Session 3 on ‘Structure’. 
Astrid Rose is head of Marketing and Communication at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where she also teaches storytelling and presentation techniques to the students. She previously worked as product manager for the famous Blue Note music label, as creative manager for the internationally successful pop group CH!PZ, and as artist manager at The Entertainment Group for Edsilia Rombley and others. Astrid Rose’s company RoseFountain offers presentation training courses. 

Training Program

How do you stand? What’s your posture like? How does it affect you, your audience, or the people you’re talking with? In this session you’ll become aware of your physical language and learn to play around with it. You’ll discover how you can use your body to get your message across.

Do you connect with your audience? Do you make good use of the space? Do you move around? In this third session, you’ll learn how to engage with your audience or the people you’re talking with. You’ll learn how to direct their attention, and make the space your own. 

What’s the best way of making an impact with your story? How should you structure it? What preparations should you make? In this session you’ll get practical tools you can use right away. They’ll give you a solid foundation. Astrid Rose will be your guest trainer for this session.

How should you tell your story? Where’s your breath? In this session, you’ll learn how to use your voice and breath in smart ways that make presenting much easier and lots more fun. 
Did you know enthusiasm is infectious? The best stories are the ones that come from your heart – from your passion. In this last session, you’ll learn how to use your enthusiasm and have confidence in its power.

Practical information

Who it’s for
Current and former AHK students (free of charge). AHK staff members and external participants are welcome (fee: 75 Euros). This training course is suitable for both Dutch and international participants. You and the teacher can communicate in your preferred language. (Dutch or English).

Dates: This training will be given twice this year: in March - April and in May - June.
Thursday 23 and 30 March and 6 April and Saturday 1 April 2023
Thursday 25 May, 1 and 8 June and Saturday 10 June 2023

Times: All Thursday sessions from 19:00 to 21:30; Saturday 1 April and 10 June from 11:00 to 17:00
Languages: Dutch and English

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check your diary before registering for the course. The structure of the training means it’s essential that you attend all sessions. 

This training course is free for current or former AHK students. All other participants will be charged a fee of 75 Euros. 

To attend, register here.

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