For and by you

As the Amsterdam University of the Arts, we want to make sure you can find and receive what you need to accomplish your goals. That's why our course and training offer is both accessable during and after your study - whenever you need it the most. We organize the classes in a trusted environment, at one of the academies. You'll receive the same quality of lectures that you're used to from us and we'll make sure the courses are both available in Dutch and English. We focus on the arts and culture industry, so the courses meet the needs of the job industry.

Also, we create networking events, so you can meet other creative students and alumni. We keep you up to date in our newsletter and make sure you can explore easily online: specific information can be found in our knowledge database BeroepKunstenaar and you can contact us with a click on a button.

...and by you!

A focus group, of about ten AHK students, will proactively think with us. So we understand what's going on. Also, for example, the AHKafé, is organised by AHK students.

More information on our vision on the development of entrepreneurship.

For and by you

A focus group of about ten AHK students, is an active think tank for us. This is how we know what's going on. Also, the AHKafé is organised by students. The focus group consists of: