Ninja Zurheide

Architecture student at the Academy of Architecture

What do you do within your work practice?
"After working for an architectural firm for 9 years, I recently started working for myself. Now I do several projects where I collaborate with other designers/architects on new construction, designing and building interior (parts) myself, designing architectural renovations/renovations. Where desired, I also do (partly) construction supervision. So many different things, as long as it has to do with designing/making/architecture, in my opinion that's how you learn to understand architecture the best."

Why are you a member of the focus group?
"When I started as a self-employed person there was a lot coming at me, I'm put together in such a way that I like to understand everything, but that's quite difficult in the beginning. I happened to stumble upon the Starterscafé. They helped me tremendously, also to see that you really don't have to figure everything out by yourself. It's also great to meet other AHK graduates and hear what they are up against. I grant this to everyone!"

Why do you think an entrepreneurial attitude is important within art education and for creative professionals?
"An entrepreneurial attitude helps to take your profession seriously and what you contribute to society as a designer/artist."