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AHK Start-Up Café is an early evening pop-up café at AHK Culture Club that’s packed with extra-curricular workshops. First grab a drink and get to know the current and former students from a wide range of fields. After that, your inspiring trainer will teach you all the ins and outs of running a business. Are you joining us?

The workshops are free for current students and recent graduates (after 2020) and €12.50 for AHK alumni who graduated before 2020 and external visitors.

At this moment, the English-language workshops are taking place every Monday. 

When: every Monday evening from 18.30 till 21.30 uur
Waar: AHK Culture Club at the Marineterrein


    Want to turn your idea into reality? This is how you do it!
    Have you ever wondered how to translate an idea into a concept? How do you find funds for your project? How do you draw up a project plan?

    #TheCreator series presents workshops and training course that help you to turn your idea into reality. To really start creating it.

    The programme
    18:30-19:00: A Warm Welcome | Meet your fellow students, expand your network.
    19:00-21:30: Tips & Tricks | The instructor will tell you everything you need to know as a starter.
    21:30-22:00: Networking | The bar is open. Chat with your fellow students or ask your questions to the instructor.

    Check out the archive to see what happened this year.

    Do you have any questions? Send an email to ondernemen@ahk.nl Curious about previous year's editions? You can view the archive here.

    Aftermovie #KickOff 2023-2024

    Meet us, the project Entrepreneurship executing team!

    Our team is a potpourri of students and alumni of the AHK. What unites us is that we all think it is important that more attention is paid to entrepreneurship education.


    Elisa Costa (evening coordinator)

    Jazzy van Wersch (moderator)

    Raas Nijhuis (evening coordinator)

    Tim Vervenne (evening coordinator)

    Kim Verduijn (education coordinator)

    Simone van Bennekom (projec manager)


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