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AHK Starterscafé

22 April | Translate your idea into a concept

What will you learn during this evening?
You have an idea buzzing around in your head. How do you translate that to paper? How do you turn that into something concrete? That begins with the questions: who are you making it for and why? In the workshop of this evening, you will learn how to systematically put your ideas into words; to commit your concept to paper. The result? A concrete story that will be the foundation for your project plan; a story that will resonate with those people with whom you want to collaborate.

About Wendy van Os
Wendy van Os is a concept creator and event director. She graduated from the Production and Stage Management programme at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in 2017. She has developed concepts for, among others, the Nederlands Theater Festival (Dutch Theatre Festival), Stichting Nationale Herdenking 15 augustus 1945 (National Remembrance 15 August 1945 Foundation), the Kunstenbond (Artists’ Union) and The School of Life. In 2018, Wendy received the Anne Faber Stipendium: a scholarship for talented business leaders and creative producers in the performing arts. A fun fact: Wendy came up with the concept of the AHK Starterscafé, and was previously the programme coordinator. Thanks Wendy.

"A well-designed concept engages not only your sight and hearing but also your sense of smell, touch, and taste. A proficient concept creator orchestrates the complete experience, leaving nothing to chance."
Wendy van Os

The programme

This workshop is conducted in Dutch

18:30-19:00: A Warm Welcome | Meet your fellow students, expand your network.
19:00-21:30: Tips & Tricks | The instructor will tell you everything you need to know as a starter.
21:30-22:00: Networking | The bar is open. Chat with your fellow students or ask your questions to the instructor.

  • This workshop is free(*) for current AHK students and recent graduates (after 2020).

*If you are an AHK alumnus who graduated before 2020 or an external visitor, you are also very welcome! You can purchase a ticket for €12,50 here.
(PLEASE NOTE: You will be redirected to the Academy of Theatre and Dance's ticketing platform. That's correct! You can order your ticket there).


Ja, I'm signing up!

AHK Starterscafé