2 October 2023 | CV and Portfolio - showcase your skills

About Anita Smit and Jacques Vereecken
Anita Smit and Jacques Vereecken are the experts of the evening. Anita has been associated with the Netherlands Film Academy since 1991. She coordinated the Cinematography department, established the Production Design specialization, introduced commercial education, served as the Head of Production, and supervised numerous student films. Jacques is an entrepreneur in the broadest sense in the film industry. He is a creator, director, producer, and coach of new talent. "Put your heart into it and make the impossible possible" is his guiding principle. Both Anita and Jacques have evaluated a multitude of motivations and portfolios and are eager to share their knowledge with you.

The programme

18:30-19:00: A Warm Welcome | Meet your fellow students, expand your network.
19:00 - 21:30: Tips & Tricks | The instructor will tell you everything you need to know as a starter.
21:30-22:00: Networking | The bar is open. Chat with your fellow students or ask your questions to the instructor.

This workshop is free(*) for current students and recent graduates (after 2020).

*If you are an AHK alumnus who graduated before 2020 or an external visitor, you are also very welcome! You can purchase a ticket here. (PLEASE NOTE: You will be redirected to the Academy of Theatre and Dance's ticketing platform. That's correct! You can order your ticket there).