6 November: Determine a fair rate

About Martijn Arnoldus
Martijn Arnoldus is the founder of Social Finance Matters, an organization dedicated to fair pay in the creative and cultural sectors. He has been active in, with, and for the cultural sector for over twenty years. Martijn also works for Platform ACCT, which designs solutions for fair compensation in the cultural and creative sectors, and for CLICKNL, the knowledge and innovation network of the creative industry that guides Dutch innovation policy.

Martijn says: "Underpayment in the cultural and creative sectors is still widespread. It doesn't have to be this way, but collectively, we maintain a situation that is undesirable. If you have no interest in money and just want to pursue your passion, or if your business instincts see ample opportunities to profit from your creativity, this workshop will help you negotiate your rates more intelligently in both cases."