30 October | Employment, payroll, or invoicing?

Over Karlijn Hemmer
Karlijn Hemmer is a cultural business entrepreneur. She graduated in 2017 with a degree in Creative Producing from the AHK (Amsterdam University of the Arts), and since then, she has worked in various positions within the cultural field. Her work primarily focuses on the business and entrepreneurial aspects of the sector, driven by the question 'how do we sustainably manage (human) capital?' As a business manager, producer, fundraiser, and advisor, she collaborates with cultural organizations, government bodies, and independent creators.

Karlijn says, "In my work, I am exploring how professionals in the cultural sector can organize their work practices as sustainably as possible. In my case, this mainly concerns working conditions and how you allocate your energy between tasks you enjoy and those that drain your energy. The choice of how you get paid also has an impact here. What gives you energy, what causes stress? Do you thrive in a hybrid work practice? Do you prefer maximum certainty or do you embrace risk?"