27 November: Risks for the self-employed

About Nico Beltman
Nico Beltman is the expert of the evening. He is a lawyer based in Amsterdam. He began his career with the Artists' Union (Kunstenbond) and has since worked extensively with visual artists and performers. In addition to being a lawyer, he is also a trainer at the professional training program of the Bar Association. With some basic knowledge, even an artist can recognize when things are going wrong, Nico says: prevention is better than to cure.

Note: this course is in Dutch. English Workshops start in January

The programme

18:30-19:00: A Warm Welcome | Meet your fellow students, expand your network.
19:00 - 21:30: Tips & Tricks | The instructor will tell you everything you need to know as a starter.
21:30-22:00: Networking | The bar is open. Chat with your fellow students or ask your questions to the instructor.

This workshop is free(*) for current students and recent graduates (after 2020).

*If you are an AHK alumnus who graduated before 2020 or an external visitor, you are also very welcome! You can purchase a ticket here. (PLEASE NOTE: You will be redirected to the Academy of Theatre and Dance's ticketing platform. That's correct! You can order your ticket there).