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AHK Starterscafé

4 December: The basics of taxes

About Ilona Veldhuis and Melvin van Jaarsveld
Ilona Veldhuis and Melvin van Jaarsveld are the trainers of the evening. Melvin is a partner and registered tax advisor (RB), and Ilona is a tax advisor at NAHV Tax Consultants. They both have a love for numbers and tax law, and they share the passion for helping startup entrepreneurs understand how taxes work and to demonstrate that taxes are not as intimidating as they may seem.

Ilona says, "My mission is to explain taxes and accounting in a way that makes everyone understand. Taxes and accounting are not scary! With the right help and explanation, these two 'B's' (taxes and bookkeeping) can be quite manageable and comprehensible."

Melvin adds, "Maintaining financial records is not rocket science! If you realize that, then I've achieved my goal. And I hope that you will become comfortable with running your own business. That you don't see accounting and tax filings as obstacles but as part of the game. It doesn't have to be difficult if you know how to play it. Well... a little discipline is part of that."

​​​​​​​Note: this course is in Dutch. English Workshops start in January

The programme

18:30-19:00: A Warm Welcome | Meet your fellow students, expand your network.
19:00 - 21:30: Tips & Tricks | The instructor will tell you everything you need to know as a starter.
21:30-22:00: Networking | The bar is open. Chat with your fellow students or ask your questions to the instructor.

This workshop is free(*) for current students and recent graduates (after 2020).

*If you are an AHK alumnus who graduated before 2020 or an external visitor, you are also very welcome! You can purchase a ticket for €12,50 here. (PLEASE NOTE: You will be redirected to the Academy of Theatre and Dance's ticketing platform. That's correct! You can order your ticket there).


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AHK Starterscafé