A quick and easy tool has been developed for the Amsterdam Conservatorium and the Academy of Theatre and Dance to enable students to create a poster or flyer for their performances in the corporate identity. This Poster Maker can be accessed via

Poster or flyer

Once you have chosen an academy, you will need to indicate whether you want to make a poster or a flyer. Posters are created in A2 format, which can then be printed on A3 or A4 paper if required. Flyers are created in A5 format and consist of both recto and verso (front and back sides). 

Choosing a template

For both the poster and the front of your flyer, you can choose from a variety of templates:

  • 1 image wide with text above and/or below;
  • 2 images side by side with text above and/or below;
  • 1 large image in the background with text running over it*;
  • no images.

For the Conservatorium, you can also choose your course/department, which appears bottom right. You can choose between classical, jazz, pop, early music, music teacher training or no course.

*NB: if your full-page image has a dark background, the logo will be difficult to see. In this case, you will be presented with a new option menu, which will allow you to choose between two positive/negative versions of the logo.

Editing content

Editing fields
Depending on the chosen template, you can edit various fields. You can do this by clicking on the corresponding pencil image. For a text field, you always have a choice of three text colours: black, white and the academy colours.
Once you have finished editing, click on save to view the result.

Changing the order
You can change the order of the various fields by using the arrow keys. This enables you to position the large text (Title) at the bottom.

Hiding fields
In every template, you can hide the fields that you do not wish to use with the help of the minus sign. This changes into a plus sign that can later be used to make the field visible again, if required.


Are you pleased with the result? If so, click on the ‘Create a PDF’ button. You can then download it and print it out in a number of different formats. A poster is exported in A2 format as standard; when it comes to printing, you can then choose which format you wish to print it in.

The standard size for a flyer is A5.

Bear in mind that if you want a large-sized printout then you need high quality images! For an A2 poster you need 2,000 x 3,000 pixels; for an A5 flyer, 1,500 x 2,000 is sufficient.

When your poster or flyer is finished, send it to your academy's communication department.