AHK Drive

Accessing your personal and network drives at home or on the road with your smartphone, tablet or desktop: it is now possible with AHK Drive! AHK Drive enables you to access all your files on the G and H drive from anywhere. That means no more emailing files to yourself and working from home with ease.

In addition AHK Drive offers you the possibility to share files with your colleagues, even if they don't have access to the folder the file is placed in. At this moment only employees can use AHK Drive.

Via the browser
AHK Drive is accessible via the icon in the top right, or from the MyAHK menu in the top left (choose 'My Documents'). At this moment you need to log in again to access AHK Drive; soon you will be logged in automatically.

Via the app on smartphone or tablet
Download the app called Novell Filr from the App Store, Google Play Store or Blackberry World:

To configure the app, enter your MyAHK login name and password and drive.ahk.nl as the server.

How does it work?
Once logged in, you will see the following icons:

 My Files: the contents of your 'My Documents' folder (H: drive).

 Net Folders: the contents of the network drive (G: drive).

 Shared with me: files that were shared with you by others.

 Shared by me: files that were shared by you with others.

More detailed instructions can be found in this manual (PDF, Dutch only). 

If you encounter any problems using AHK Drive, please contact the IT Helpdesk via tel. 020 527 7752 or helpdesk@ahk.nl, or report your issue using the SelfServiceDesk.


Configure the app by entering the following details:

User id: your MyAHK login name
Password: your MyAHK password
IP address of server: drive.ahk.nl