Phising is a form of internet fraud, which attempts to find out login details. You are requested to enter your login details via an email message that supposedly comes from a trustworthy company, such as your bank. The details are subsequently used to take money from your bank account, but also for example to distribute spam from your email address.

Some time ago, emails were also distributed in which the sender pretended to be the AHK and asked for login details. Unfortunately, phishing emails are becoming increasingly realistic and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from real emails. However, the AHK will never ask for your login details. You should, therefore, never respond to emails which request your details; providing these details can result in serious online abuses.

If you have, however, accidentally become the victim of phishing and provided your details, then you should immediately change your password and inform the help desk of the ICT department (, tel. 527 7752).