Information Security

Information security is about the protection of information in terms of availability, integrity and confidentiality. It is not only limited to information that is stored in ICT systems. All valuable information, privacy-sensitive information and copyright material should be protected. The way in which the University deals with the protection of information is set out in the information security policy.

ICT security

Good ICT security starts with the protection of the basic ICT infrastructure, with tools such as firewalls and virus scanners. These are the basic measures for protecting our property. Information security is also about a close cooperation between technical solutions, and alert and careful users.

Administration of digital data by ICT officers

The AHK believes that is very important that the digital data of staff members and students is treated confidentially. The AHK therefore has an integrity code with rules by which the ICT officer has to abide.

Integriteitscode ICT-functionarissen (PDF, Dutch)


Threats are constantly changing. Whereas viruses were previously the number one threat, malware and phishing are currently popular tools of cybercriminals. Even your online identity can be stolen. It is therefore important to take measures and stay alert. In order to help you with this, we have drawn up the ICT-regels en tips (ICT rules and tips - PDF, Dutch) for the workplace and mobile working.

For more security tips, please visit (in Dutch).

Reporting online abuses

Do you suspect abuse of the University’s ICT facilities, such as your MyAHK user account or that of a colleague, AHK email or an AHK computer? Please report this to the Computer Emerging Response Team (AHKCERT) of the AHK via