ICT: Rules of use

The use of ICT facilities such as computers and the AHK network by students and staff is regulated by rules of use and behaviour based on the principle that the ICT facilities are used in a professional and responsible, lawful, ethical, reasonable and careful way.
The following rules are intended as a guide to proper use and to prevent damage (to computers and network, the good name of the AHK, external partners) as much as possible.

These rules apply to the entire AHK community: students, personnel, hands-on trainees and temporary staff recruited for holiday periods or from a temp agency. The following rules are an abbreviated and simplified version of the rules included in the official Regulations on the use of ICT facilities.

In the event of a conflict between the official Regulations and the following rules, the official Regulations take precedence.

1. Use of computers and network is intended for study or work

Computers and network are intended for study or work. Their use for private matters is only allowed within reasonable limits. Private use must never disrupt the proper conduct of the daily activities.

2. Access codes are personal; lending is forbidden
Lending access codes is not allowed, they are strictly personal.
Anyway, there is no point in lending them to a fellow student or colleague because they have their own access codes.

3. Change your password regularly
Use a password that is easy to remember but not easy for someone else to discover. There is software that can detect passwords, especially if they are obvious. Ensure that your password is not the same as your user name.

4. Do not circulate defamatory or offensive material
In spite of the freedom of opinion, there are limits to what is permissible. Defamatory and/or offensive material may never be downloaded, stored, mailed or circulated. Defamatory and/or offensive material is taken to include at any rate material of a pornographic, racist, discriminatory or (sexually) intimidatory kind and material that contravenes the law or decent morality in some other way. Observe the good rules of behaviour in using the computers and the network.

5. Do not install any software yourself
The installation of software must be done solely by the ICT staff of the AHK or other authorised persons. Switching off, changing or bypassing the security devices installed on the computers such as anti-virus software and firewalls are not allowed.

6. Prevent the spreading of computer viruses
Be careful in opening attachments in e-mails and programmes on internet. Install an anti-virus programme on your home PC and make sure that you have the latest updates. The use of USB sticks with viruses can harm computers and network.

7. Do not send unsolicited mail (spam)
It is not allowed to send anonymous e-mail and/or unsolicited e-mail in large quantities (spam) to address lists. Do not take part in chain mail.

Everyone who has access to the AHK network and makes use of the computers provided for use by the AHK is bound by the rules for the use of ICT laid down by the Governing Body and described above. There is supervision of compliance with these rules of use. The Governing Body may adopt (disciplinary) measures if one or more of the rules of use are broken.