Wireless printing

It is possible to print documents from your laptop, tablet or smart phone via the wireless network of the AHK.  For wireless printing, you will first need to be connected to the wireless network ‘AHK’.
Configuring the wireless network

There are two ways to print wirelessly:

  1. by uploading files via the browser;
  2. using software programmes (Driver Print; requires a one time installation of a driver)

With both methods, you can pick up your prints from all multifunctional printers at all locations of the AHK, by presenting your student or staff card. The standard fees apply.

1. Printing from the browser

Use this option to print from your tablet or smart phone, or if you need a single document printed from your laptop quickly.

Go to the website http://print.ahk.nl and log in using your MyAHK login information. After logging in you can directly upload documents in order to print. The print portal supports, among other things, all Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and images. If you want to print a different file type, then you need to use Driver Print (see below) or you need to convert the document into, for example, a PDF.

Please note: to be able to upload a file, your device must be able to select files via a file system. iPhones and iPads do not have this option, but Android devices do.

Click the upload button and select a document. If needed, you can also erase your print job. Afterwards, click the print button.

After selecting a printer, the print job has been submitted. You can now pick this up from all multifunctional printers at all locations of the AHK by presenting your student or staff card.

2. Printing from software programmes (Driver Print)

This way of printing is only possible on laptops or other devices which support the installation of a printer. Use this option if you, for example, want to print A3 size, if you want to print multiple documents at once or if you want to print documents which can not be printed from the browser.

Driver Print makes it possible to print directly from programmes such as Word and Excel without having to upload your document first. To use this option, you only need to install a printer once. You can do this by following these steps:

  • log in at http://print.ahk.nl;
  • click on install printer;
  • select the correct software under “print with computer via internet”;
  • install this on the computer.

Please note: You will need full administrator rights to your device to be able to install drivers. The information you used to log in at http://print.ahk.nl will be encrypted and saved in the driver. You should therefore only install the driver on your own laptop and never on a shared computer! Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that printing will work on all operating systems, in all programmes and with all file formats.


Do you have questions or comments? Please contact the ICT Helpdesk via: helpdesk@ahk.nl.