The AHK makes use of telephones at all workspaces that allow you to call hands-free and which have a display that shows who has called you. In addition, it is simple to pre-programme numbers and call forwarding, for example, and nothing difficult has to be programmed for voicemail.

The basic use of the telephones is, in principle, so simple that staff members should be able to work with them with the help of the manual.

Download the manuals

Should you have any specific wishes with regard to the telephony services, you can make these known to the ICT department.

Example may include the following options:

  • You would like the option to be able to answer the phone of a colleague with one press of a button on your own phone without having to walk to their telephone (call pickup);
  • You would like multiple telephones to ring if one particular number is chosen (group function);
    You would like to use voicemail (either for a group/secretariat, or personally);
  • You would like the possibility of having the caller hear a text or options menu, and to have calls distributed to different telephones if the caller enters a certain number (IVR);
  • You would like unanswered calls to a telephone to not return to the reception, but have them redirected to the telephone of a colleague instead;
  • You would like to be reachable at different locations within your own building or within the AHK, and to be able to operate your own phone (free-seating: reachable on one number at multiple locations);
  • You would like an extra keypad on the telephone in order to be able to keep an eye on telephones of colleagues and be able to take their calls directly (in principle for secretariats which need to be able to monitor more than four telephones).

please make your wishes known to the ICT department via