Enrolment and termination of enrolment

During your studies at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), you need to indicate each year if you are going to continue or stop studying. You arrange this online via Studielink by specifying whether you want to re-enrol or terminate enrolment. You need a DigiD to log in to Studielink. If you have lost your DigiD details, you have to apply for a new DigiD. This can be done via digid.nl. It takes approximately five working days. Please keep the enrolment deadline in mind, which is no later than 31 August. Foreign students without a DigiD can request a username and password with which they can access Studielink.

Are you doubting whether or not to continue your studies? Enrol anyway; you can always cancel your enrolment via Studielink up until 31 August. Your enrolment will then be cancelled and any tuition fees paid will be refunded. Please note: if you terminate enrolment after 31 August, you will pay (at least) one month’s tuition fees.