Step 3: enrolling at the AHK

After setting up your Studielink account, you must also use it to enrol with your course at the AHK. Enrol for a study programme at the AHK in Studielink:

  • Choose 'New enrolment application' and click 'continue'
  • Choose the correct academic year
  • Choose 'University of applied sciences'
  • Choose Bachelor or Master course and choose name of institution (Amsterdam University of the Arts is first on the list)
  • Choose the study programme you want to enrol in
  • Indicate if you start in the first year or not (if you want to start in a higher year, you have to ask permission from the faculty)
  • Choose the course type (full-time or part-time)
  • Check the information and click 'Confirm study programme'
  • Select the correct starting date and click 'Confirm starting date'
  • Read and check the Study programme-specific questions, and click 'Confirm'

If you do not complete these steps, the Central Student Administration will not receive your information and you will severely delay your enrolment.

To change your details, go back to 'my Studielink page'. Please do this as soon as you have a Dutch address and/or phone number.

Step 4: payment