Terms and conditions payment via Studielink


  • By signing the authorisation form, the account holder or legal representative authorises the AHK to collect the tuition fees in one go or in 9 instalments from the bank account. The instalments will be deducted on or around the 26th day of the months of September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May. The account holder must have a bank account for which the authorisation is given. The student’s legal representative (a parent or guardian) can also provide an authorisation. The student must agree to this by confirming it in Studielink.
  • The Student must ensure that confirmation of the authorisation is submitted to the AHK in Studielink before 1 September of the academic year. The student will receive an email confirming that the authorisation has been correctly submitted.
  • The bank account must not be closed until the last payment has been made.
  • If the account holder does not agree with the payment, he/she can instruct the bank to charge the amount back, in accordance with the SEPA timeframes. Important: the bank is authorised to charge a fee for a payment cancellation. The AHK will always pass on the costs incurred.
  • The account holder is responsible for ensuring that the bank account holds sufficient funds for the tuition fees to be collected on the collection dates.
  • The authorisation agreement is valid for the duration of the academic year for which the student is enrolled. If the student de-registers, the direct debit order ends, and the authorisation agreement expires. If the student resumes the studies, the student will need to fill out the payment details in Studielink again.
  • If the student de-registers before 1 June the student is entitled to a refund of tuition fees for the remainder of the academic year. The date of de-registration in Studielink is leading in the calculation of the amount of the refund. Each month for which too much tuition fee has been paid, leads to a refund of 1/12th of the tuition fee.
  • Changes to the direct debit details cannot be made during the academic year. New payment details can be filled out in Studielink for a new academic year.

Report payment problems immediately

If a payment fails, please report this as soon as possible to the Central Student Administration and make arrangements to rectify this. If you have (long-term) financial worries, the student counsellor should be your first point of contact. It is in the interest of all parties to prevent the consequences of not paying (on time) listed below:

  • If an instalment cannot be collected in the case of payment by instalments, the Central Student Administration will send a payment reminder. It will send a notice of default if a student fails to respond: the amount owed must be credited to the AHK’s account within five days of the date of this notice of default.
  • If the demand for payment is not complied with, the university board has the right to terminate the student’s enrolment effective from the second month following the demand.
  • In the case of arrears, recovery of the debt can be transferred to a debt collection agency. The student debtor will receive notification of this by letter. The costs of the debt collection procedure are at the student debtor’s expense, unless the student can provide documentary evidence within ten working days of notification proving that the inability to collect the outstanding instalment payments cannot be attributed to them. This debt will also remain in force after termination of enrolment.
  • As long as the examination or tuition fees owed have not been paid and, if applicable, as long as the cost of the debt collection procedure, as referred to in the previous point, has not been paid, the student will be denied access to education and/or the student cannot take a propaedeutic or final examination, and the student will not be awarded a degree certificate.