Every year, you re-enrol via Studielink. Please submit a request for re-enrolment in Studielink by 1 September.

Re-enrolment procedure
You will receive an email from the Central Student Administration in May or at the beginning of June. The re-enrolment procedure will be explained in this email. You submit a request for re-enrolment in Studielink and you also arrange the payment of your tuition fees straightaway. You need your DigiD for this re-enrolment. Please note: You will receive this email at the email address that is known in Studielink. Please ensure that the correct email address is listed in Studielink. Have your details changed? If so, please adjust this in Studielink as soon as possible.

Arrange your re-enrolment in time!
The AHK recommends arranging your re-enrolment by 15 July. You will then know for certain that you have arranged everything for your new academic year before 1 September. If you do not re-enrol in time, that may have major consequences for your study loan and public transport product.

Outstanding debts
You will only be re-enrolled if you do not have any outstanding debts from previous years. Please ensure, therefore, that your tuition fees have been paid. If this is really a problem, please contact the Central Student Administration in time.