You will need to arrange your re-enrolment through Studielink for each academic year that you study at the AHK. The academic year runs from 1 September until 31 August. You are re-enrolled if you have submitted a re-enrolment request in Studielink before 1 September, you do not have an outstanding debt from previous years, and you have granted a direct debit authorisation in Studielink for payment of the tuition fees.

Re-enrol on time!
You can submit your request for re-enrolment for the upcoming academic year in Studielink as of 1 June. The Central Student Administration will notify you by email. The message will be sent to the same email address that you entered in Studielink, so make sure that your email address is up to date.
Please follow the re-enrolment instructions in Studielink and arrange for payment of your tuition fees for the upcoming academic year.
Make sure to finalize your re-enrolment before 1 September! After 1 September it is no longer possible to re-enrol and you will lose your right to attend courses/take exams.

Payment arrears
It is not possible to re-enrol if you are still in arrears.
Ensure that your tuition fees have been paid. If you are experiencing serious problems paying your fees, please contact the Central Student Administration to discuss your situation. 

I do not want to re-enrol
You do not want to re-enrol because you are graduating or taking a gap year, but wish to remain enrolled until the end of the academic year (31 August)? If so, go to Studielink, select the Re-enrolment option and click on the ‘No, I do not wish to re-enrol’ button. Your enrolment will end on 31 August and you will no longer receive re-enrolment reminders.

After de-enrolling in Studielink you are no longer entitled to receive student finance or the student travel product. Please stop your student finance and student travel product via DUO in time. Otherwise, you could risk a fine!

Read more about termination of enrolment.