Student card

All students from the Amsterdam University of the Arts receive a student card. This card is valid for your entire study. Your student card gives you access to your academy. Hold your card against the reader at the entrance to the building to open the door. The same applies to doors at bicycle storage spaces. You can also receive interesting discounts upon presentation of your student card.

The student card is a personal card with a passport photo. Before you receive the card, you must upload a passport photo and have satisfied all conditions for enrolment. You will receive an email with instructions for uploading your passport photo.

Proof of enrolment
This card is valid for your entire study. For that reason, the student card is often only valid in combination with your proof of enrolment, as the proof of enrolment is updated annually.

You will be sent a digital proof of enrolment at the beginning of each academic year in September. You will receive this at the email address that you have specified in Studielink. If you need a (more detailed) proof of enrolment during the academic year, for example when renting a room, you can request a proof of enrolment via this form.

Lost or defective card
The Central Student Administration (CSA) organises the student card. If you lose the card or if it is defective, you can request a new card via the Card replacement request form. A new student card costs €5. The CSA will inform you about paying for and collecting the card.

You can also drop by the CSA Student Desk. A new card will then be printed immediately. You can only pay the €5 by PIN or credit card. You will find the current opening hours of the CSA Student Desk here.

Stolen card
If your student card is stolen, please report this as soon as possible. A new card is free upon proof that is has been reported stolen. Drop by the CSA Student Desk (with proof that is has been reported stolen).

Card found
If you find a card belonging to a fellow student or staff member, you can hand it in at reception. You can also send it to the AHK by post. The address can be found on the back of the card.